dissolving emotional stresspatterns

guided by Dwari Deutsch

In this guided meditation you will deepen the natural rhythm of your breathing and you will balance and rejuvenate the functioning of your inner organs.

This time we give attention to our lung. The lung is our essential respiration organ.

With the in-breath it provides the body with oxygen and with the out-breath it disposes waste from the body.

Beside the physical functions there are emotional qualities related to each inner organ.

The lung is affected by the polarity of joy and sadness.

Your emotional states, repressing or allowing joy or sadness can have a profound influence on the healthy workings of your lungs.

Now in this meditation your body will work for you and with you.……you can simply relax and trust the natural self-regulating abilities of your body.

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€ 20,- plus distribution fee

You recieve 2 CDs, one in English and one in English-Chinese


bewusste lebensfreude

25. - 28. juli 24, flacklwirt, reichenau (A)

abenteuer des atems

6. - 10. aug. 24, miasto (I)

heilung der wurzeln

13. - 15. sep. 24, wien (A)

familienstellen: follow up und supervision

21. - 22. sep. 24, wien (A)

training systemische aufstellungen (A)

zweijahrestraining 2024 – 2025


Und im Augenblick zu leben heißt, in der Ewigkeit leben.