is a contemporary mystic whose life and teaching have influenced millions of people of every age and way of life. Speaking of his work, Osho has said that it creates the conditions for the birth of a new type of human being.

Often he described this new being as "Zorba the Buddha", able to enjoy both the earthly pleasures, like a Zorba the Greek, as well as the silent serenity of a Gautama Buddha.

All of Osho's work is permeated by his vision which embraces both the timeless wisdom of the East as well as the highest expressions of Western science and technology. He is well known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, with an approach to meditation which recognises the accelerated pace of modern life.

His original "active meditations" are conceived for letting go firstly of the stress accumulated in the body and in the mind in such a way as to make easier the state of meditation, free of thoughts and free of tensions.

Osho left his body on the 19th January 1990. 
A few weeks before he died, he was asked what would happen to his work when he had left. He replied:


"My trust in existence is absolute. Whatsoever truth exists in what I say will live on after me. The people who stay interested in my work will carry the torch for it, without however imposing anything on anyone. I will remain a source of inspiration for my people.
 And it is that that the majority of sannyasins will feel. I want them to grow as individuals and to develop qualities like love, around which no church can be built; like awareness, something which no one can manipulate; like the celebration, joy and wonder which you see in the eyes of a child. I want that my people know themselves, and that they do not live at the behest of someone else. 
And the road is within."

After Osho left the body, the attraction to him, as a support and guide, does not diminish: every year thousands of people visit the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India, and the Osho Centers around the world, and many of them ask to be initiated into "sannyas".

Osho is today read as a "Master of Reality" whose works are proving to be simultaneously bestsellers and longsellers, appreciated by a broad cross section of the reading public.

Osho has been described by the London Sunday Times as one of the 1000 personalities of the twentieth century and by the Indian Sunday Mid-Day as "one of the ten men - together with Gandhi, Nehru and Buddha - who have changed the destiny of India".


training in system. aufstellungsarbeit modul 1

8. – 15. aug. 22, elontuli (FI)

heilung der wurzeln

9. – 11. sep. 22, wien (A)

breathing for natural sexuality

21. – 25. sep. 22, miasto (I)

körpertypen und essentielles selbst 1

3. – 10. Okt. 22, finnland

der atem - lebendige kreativität

13. – 16. okt. 22, flacklwirt, reichenau (A)

training in system. aufstellungsarbeit modul 2

23. – 31. okt. 22, elontuli (FI)


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